Bloodborne: The slaughter of Vicar Amelia

As per the last post, I’ve been playing a lot of Bloodborne recently (and a lot of Mortal Kombat X as well). Yesterday, I took out three bosses, including Vicar Amelia, all in a row.

I’m too busy playing with my doll…

I’ve played Bloodborne a lot lately, though initially, I was meant to play all the other Souls game before this came out, however, once it did come out, I went straight for the blood…

I wasn’t sure what to think during the first episode, but after playing the second episode, I’m REALLY liking #LifeIsStrange

Game Spotlight: Dead Space 3

This entry has been sitting in my drafts folder for a VERY long time now because… well… because I TOTALLY forgot about it! But now that I’ve posted it, enjoy my LATE DS3 review.

Game Spotlight: The Order: 1886

At first, I wasn’t interested in buying this game at launch, but now with all of these bad reviews floating around and opinions from many that this game shouldn’t exist… I’m intrigued.

“Again, it’s like poetry, so that they rhyme, every stanza rhymes with the next one.”

— Georgeo de Lucas, first Emperor of Han dynasty

Sunset Overdrive – Points Challenge #1

I’ve posted videos from my PlayStation 4, now let’s test it out on my newly bought Xbox One… it’s not good. in fact, it’s downright terrible compared to the PlayStation 4.

My stupid decision to go completely digital

The Wii U Deluxe Digital Premium promotion has ended and now it’s time to post the results of my “experiment” into digital distribution with Nintendo… but wait, it gets worse!

Sliding around Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is the proper way an Inquisitor should get around. Also, I totally forgot that Sony added an upload option for YouTube on the PS4.

“I’m the boss of this city you ugly son of a bitch!”

— Bruno Borgia

Game Spotlight: Destiny

Destiny is Destiny, but is there enough Destiny in Destiny to satisfy us? The simple answer is no, but despite all its shortcomings, there’s something strangely fun about Destiny.