Just marathoned Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra up to the latest episode for the first time. It’s so, SO good! WANT MORE!

I’m off to Fiji… yay?

Most people would be super excited to go off to Fiji for a week… unfortunately, I’m not most people and I really don’t want to go… but I’m being dragged along anyway.

@jeffmoeller is so damn lazy. He still hasn’t put up a post about our challenge on his site. Maybe he just knows he’ll lose.

“Why can’t these kids just do as their told?!”

— Geordi Shorts

Challenge accepted!

I don’t know if I’m going mad or if this truly the start of a big and great change for me, but… this is a challenge that may start a big change in my life for the better.

Klan and Michel teaming up

So here’s a random pic I took after I decided to have a little fun with two different Macross items I own. I think it came out pretty well and is… cute… *looks around*

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter #7 “For the Republic!!”

This video was recorded back in December and I haven’t really played much of SWTOR at all lately, but hey, it was just sitting there so I thought I may as well post it up or whatever…

Lynk Former plays The Last of Us: Remastered #12: Unedited footage of me failing hard

This is complete and uncut… you can watch me fail time and time again against humans and infected as I try to make my way through Grounded difficulty on TLoU: Remastered…

Nazi robots in Wolfenstein: The New Order

It’s been a very long time since I’ve played anything with the name “Wolfenstein” in it, so I’m glad I bought Wolfenstein: The New Order on a whim cause it’s REALLY fun.

“There’s only room for one Boss and one Snake.”

— The Boss

I bought Wolfenstein: The New Order for PlayStation 4 today and it came with a (fake) leather-bound notebook. That is a really cool bonus.

Destiny Beta: Playing with a docile Hallowed Knight

Here’s a little video I cooked up after realising the Hallowed Knight under Skywatch suddenly ended up being a docile kittycat as soon as you got onto your Sparrow…

Destiny Beta: The unusually tough Vandal returns!

Here’s a short video of that unusually strong Vandal I encountered in the Destiny Beta that randomly shows up in the same spot. I wonder what other small surprises this game has for us…

Destiny Beta: War in the Cosmodrome

Here’s another unedited video of a trek through the Old Russian Cosmodrome, though this time things start to heat up. It’s WAR between the Fallen and the Hive with us in the middle!

Japan: Day 09 & 10: Shopping for more loot!

Another train ride, this time Hiroshima straight to Tokyo, which took half a day… but, for the rest of the day and the day after that, nothing but, shopping, shopping, shopping!

Japan: Day 08: Miyajima Island, where deer eat at restaurants

Whoops, got a little lazy and ended up stopping my Japan posts before they were done… but here we are again, this time heading out to Miyajima Island for some more fun.

Lynk Former plays The Last of Us: Remastered #11: The most dangerous game of all…

Damned dirty humans and their ability to see… I’ve been so use to learning the AI patterns of the infected that I forgot how to deal with the human enemies in the game…