Super Lynk Former

This place started out as “Twilight Lynk” which went through quite a number of redesigns over the years. Ever since I turned this place into “Lynk Former” it has never gotten a redesign…

I’m told by Nintendo fans that there is a cabal within the video game industry that is out to destroy Nintendo.

Game Spotlight: Mass Effect 3

The final game in a trilogy that promised so much and delivered in so many ways, whether we liked it or not. It’s been a hell of a marathon run through this trilogy, but was it all worth it?

Game Spotlight: Mass Effect 2

The journey continues as I gather an elite team of badasses, earn their trust and lead them into a suicide mission against the Collector’s in an epic confrontation.

Game Spotlight: Mass Effect

Welcome to the start of a Mass Effect complete trilogy marathon I promised myself I would never put myself through after completing ME3 for the first time and enduring that terrible ending.

I got myself one of those unofficial replica N7 leather jackets that Commander Shepard wears in Mass Effect 3. Feels so geeky, yet so good.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter #6 “The last star guard”

Taking the FT-8 Star Guard for a spin around the Kuat Mesas and testing out a new set of ion cannons… things worked out pretty well, though it wasn’t my best run.

Just ordered the Mario themed Hanafuda cards from Club Nintendo Australia for 3000 stars… so cool

“Princess Peach’s sweet voice will soon be the bread that makes the sandwich of Cackletta’s desires! And this battle shall be the delicious mustard on that bread! The mustard of your doom!”

— Fawful

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter #5 “Hot death for all”

Hanging out in my SGS-45 Quarrel and picking off some very easy targets, sniping from long range AND getting up-close and personal with burst lasers.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter #4 “Proton pike”

Test driving the proton torpedoes on my FT-6 Pike and being surprised by how many kills I’m getting with them. This isn’t a dog fighter, just sit back at a distance let the torpedoes fly.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter #3 “All wings report in”

Flying solo only gets you so far, this time around I’ve decided to team up with a number of guild mates from The Walking Carpets and dominate the battlefield.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter #2 “Imperials incoming”

This video is much clearer than the last one so you should ACTUALLY be able to see what’s going on as I speed around in my NovaDive and fly circles around the imps.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter #1 “Novadiving in”

My very first video for this site and the very first time I’ve streamed video footage of any kind. Unfortunately, Australian Internet sucks too much to stream high quality video.

I haven’t posted anything on in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy… big things have been happening.

I have lots of free time in these next few months, I should start posting more entries on my site… in between playing all this vidya!

“The job is… KILLER IS DEAD.”

— Mondo Zappa

“She’ll think you’re a psycho. Don’t want that, do we Zach?”

— FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan

I think I bought too many games at once… and we’re not talking about a Steam sale here.

It doesn’t happen often, but there are times when I end up having a lot of spare cash and I walk by an EB Games store and notice they’re having yet another sale.