Moments in Miiverse #1: Save GTA5!!

Time for a new series highlighting the asshattery that goes on in our newest social network, Miiverse. It’s not just ANY social network, it’s a video game social network, so the kind of asshattery that goes on in there is even funnier than what you regularly get.

Take a look at our first example where a concerned gamer has somehow stumbled on to a hacker and his devious plans for GTA5, oh noes!

Note: All Miiverse names and Nintendo Network IDs are omitted for privacy reasons. I do not take screenshots of Miiverse, rather I transcribe what I see exactly how it is written.

Originally posted in the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Community on Miiverse

B: OMG!! please any dev read this post. iv stumbled upon a hacker that plans to sell modifyed copys of.

B: GTA5! on the day it get’s released im unsure what to do iv got his msgs stored on my xbox

B: he said he his working on offline & online menus for a modifyed ver of gta5 on dbox live

B: and that all he needs now is a game save file. how is this possible before its out?

B: on release day he plans to sell copys on his website. the conversation was entirly in written msgs.

B: i dont want gta5 ruined like gta4 is by modders. any1 kno bout this stuff please private msg me.

Lynk Former: lol

My reply was later deleted by “B” along with another reply from a different person… I guess he wasn’t trying to be funny…