Lynk’s Miiverse Art Gallery #1

I am but a man… I have no artistic flare, no remarkable imagination and lack even a hint of proper fine motor skills to create any kind of controlled line, straight or otherwise. Whatever I draw, it is the illustration of but an amateur overshadowed by the brilliance of others. Yet, here I am, nothing more than a man, before you to present my humble works originally posted on Miiverse…

This is Mii, rather, this is my Mii, the representation of me… on Miiverse.

This is my first post on Miiverse, my own little welcome to the newest console at the time, a welcome the Miiverse admins felt was a spoiler… notice the rough scratching and rogue pixels everywhere, my blind attempt at adding detail and texture to this piece.

Here we have our next piece which bears a much darker tone than the first. I’m sure you have noticed the random lines running through the background, is it rain or some kind of representation of fog? I have left this purposefully vague to let you decide what particular surroundings this zombie is inhabiting. Taking a look at the zombie itself, notice how the head has been cracked open and his brain is spilling out slightly, it’s one of my proudest achievements.

Again, we have another piece with a dark background, however, unlike the first, the darkness is still, the Batman stalks his prey. Notice the double line on the criminals bald featureless head, that was me trying to draw a curved line properly several times. Simply breathtaking in its lack of proper execution and refinement.

Ah, now this is a fine piece, notice the little speed lines and the expression on the little egg racers face. Indeed, this piece conveys motion in its purest form.

Now this image is the most, some would say, half-assed, of this exhibition. Take note of the total lack of care while creating this illustration. It’s as if a preschool child has drawn this particular piece… exquisite!

Finally, we come to one of my favourites in this exhibition… what more can be said except to ask, do you remember?

And here it is, possibly the most badly illustrated portrayal of the SDF-1 Macross I have ever witnessed. Again, the use of random scratch marks is used to convey fine details on the hull and the space background is just a bunch of rushed squiggles.

Ah, Weegee, how you just seem to be there, staring with those eyes…

Finally, an actual attempt was made to try to draw something half decent… an attempt that, of course, failed miserably.

We’re almost done, don’t worry, the horror of looking at these horrible works will end soon, in the meantime, gaze upon this failed Triforce in awe.

Finally, our final piece… there is no attempt to draw here, just a simple message, honouring Gary Oak, whose girth cannot be avoided.

Thank you for coming, how you got this far is beyond my understanding. Will I ever hold another exhibition of my terrible works? Who knows, we shall see…