Challenge accepted!

A couple of nights ago, I made a big life decision on a whim to give up drinking Coca Cola (and every other sugar-filled beverage) and stop eating junk food and take-out, etc. So basically, stop eating and drinking all the things I eat and drink regularly every day.

I told a friend of mine, Jeff Moeller, about my decision yesterday morning and he proposed a challenge. The two of us will give up these things together and we have to keep each other on track. The first person to slip up and not eat anything they’re not supposed to will be punished, sure, we’re going by the honour system since I’m in Australia and he’s all the way up in the USA, but the two of us will keep our word on this.

The punishment? Well, you’ll just have to see IF it happens, because there will be a public shaming of the one who does slip up… and it will not be me.

These are the first days of a pretty big change in lifestyle for me, it’ll be a hard road ahead but I’m determined to make this happen and to change my habits. Let’s see where this all takes me.