Maximum the Hormone

I’ve been aware of Maximum the Hormone for quite some time now, ever since I saw an episode of DBZ Abridged which featured a short clip of their song 「F」 and… then, for a long time, nothing.

Then, all of a sudden, Battle of Gods was coming out and then Resurrection: F came out of nowhere and 「F」 came back onto my radar. Again, I was intrigued… where did this piece of music come from and why the hell was it so awesome aside from the fact that the song was about Freeza?

Then, for a long time after that, I kinda forgot about it until early this week… when I listened to their latest album, Yoshu Fukushu and everything just clicked for me. This is my kinda music, it’s… just so good.

I can’t get enough!

Why the hell didn’t I look into them much earlier? Damn… I have to make up for lost time. Everything about their music is so damn good, the way they’re able to mix together metal, punk and pop into their songs and the fact that the band isn’t above making fun of itself and having fun with their music.

It all speaks to me.