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Trooper Log #9: Showdown with Tavus and the rise of Lynk Former

Lynk and the members of the new Havoc Squad finally faces off against the traitors to the Republic he’s been hunting all along. You won’t believe who it is! Okay you will…

Trooper Log #8: Blood feud on Alderaan and the paladin of House Organa

Leaving the harsh environment of Tatooine, Havoc Squad continues their mission, taking them to a planet of great beauty, Alderaan. Look at all of that snow covered green…

Trooper Log #7: Tatooine, a backwater planet on the edge of nowhere

Lynk and the rest of Havoc Squad continue with their mission and head to a planet far from the galactic core. Can you guess which one I’m talking about?

Trooper Log #6: Ganglands of Nar Shaddaa and the liberation of M1-4X

Havoc Squad travels to the neutral moon of Nar Shaddaa to investigate reports that an advanced Republic Battle Droid has been captured and working for the enemy.

Thoughts on the Resident Evil 6 reveal trailer

Here we go, the next Resident Evil game is coming and we finally get a good look at it. Surprise, Leon and Chris are finally in the same game together, but will it be awesome?

Trooper Log #5: Taris in ruin and the Rakghoul plague

The following log takes Havoc Squad into the ruined landscape of Taris, once a jewel of the Republic rivalling even Coruscant itself… enjoy your Rakghoul bites.

Trooper Log #4: Rescue at Port Raga and the assault of Hammer Station

The following log records the events of two separate missions undertaken by Lynk. The first is a rescue mission at Port Raga, the other is a special assignment on Hammer Station.

Trooper Log #3: Arrival on Coruscant, a city divided

The following log takes place on the capital of the Galactic, Coruscant, as Lynk reports in to General Gaza and begins his all important mission regarding Havoc Squad.

Trooper Log #2: Attack on the Esseles, protect the Ambassador!

This log follows Lynk, a newly promoted Trooper Vanguard in an incident that occurs on a Republic transport called the Esseles. Hard decisions are going to be made…

Vidya of 2011

I may not have bought as many games this year as the last and there are plenty of games released this year that I REALLY need to get… but it’s been a pretty good year.

Trooper Log #1: First assignment with Havoc Squad on Ord Mantell

This log entry takes us into the begins of the Trooper class story on a planet ravaged by civil war, Ord Mantell, as Lynk takes his first assignment with the legendary Havoc Squad.

Trooper Log #0: Beta

I promised I’d start keeping a log of my activities from The Old Republic concerning my Trooper, so here we go… let’s start off by talking about the SWTOR beta.

Educational games?! Why would I want to play any of that kind of jazz?

Who would have thought that educational games could be cool. Man, there’s this one game from back in the day that I played all the time that was so awesome…

The games you can’t leave behind…

Oh man, I love Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, I don’t care what anyone says past, present and future, these two are the best Fire Emblem games.

PSN down? Everyone jump ship and buy a 360!

I find it strange to see a large amount of people jumping ship so easily over an issue that’s not that big a deal. Sometimes these things happen, why is it such a huge thing?

The Nintendo Wii U tablet controller needs some changes

I’m sure by the time Wii U launches some time in mid-2012 there’ll be a few design changes that were implemented since the big reveal during E3 2011.

E3 2011

Oh man, this post is so huge. Prepare for a hell of a lot of scrolling because this post is longer than longcat and tacgnol combined. Your mouse wheel is going to get a real workout.