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E3 2011 Predictions: There can be only one!!

Another year, another Electronic Entertainment Expo… which means things are about to get nuts! Prepare yourself, pretty soon I’ll end up posting up a pretty huge E3 2011 entry.

Denying me my video games? We’ll see about that!

Damn, I’ve really been neglecting the site lately. Don’t blame me though, I’m a uni student and education is important and all that kinda jazz… I guess *looks around*

Wii 2 predictions

It’s always fun to speculate stuff and I thought I’d start a discussion regarding what you think Nintendo will do with their next generation console…

All we need is MA15+

Of course, I’m not saying this in a “woe is me, for the government will never acknowledge that gamers are adults” kind of way… I’ve actually come to the realisation of the obvious…

Retro Studios: Nintendo’s champion in the west and the new Rare

Throughout most of its history as a video game company, Nintendo has always had some sort of connection to a western developer creating games under the Nintendo banner…

Losing a save game file is like losing someone you love

It’s been awhile since my last entry and the reason is because I’ve been doing practically nothing but playing Borderlands every single day… until tragedy struck!

Vidya of 2010

We’re almost into 2011, so it’s time to post up the final entry of 2010 and have a bit of a moment reflecting on this years video games and what we all got up to.

Competitive or Cooperative – How do you like to play with others?

I’ve been playing a lot of cooperative games lately and I’ve been thinking, with the variety of competitive and cooperative games to choose from, which do you prefer?

There is hope yet for an R18+ rating down here in Australia!

Here’s a quick entry for you guys just to update you on the current situation down on the other side of the planet… not that anyone really cares what happens in Kangarooland lol.

“Don’t you die on me!!” Dealing with hardware failures

In this entry, I’d like to ask you all about your experience with console hardware and also computer hardware in general when it comes to gaming…

My first MMO: The Lord of the Rings Online

Ever since they came into existence, I’ve always thought that I’d be able to go through life never having to play any kind of MMO game… ever… never ever!

Remember 16

Okay, now that I’m on my summer break, it’s time to spend more time actually posting stuff in here that’s of some worth… or at least just a little bit of worth…

My memories of Metroid

Metroid is one of my favourite video game series of all time, however, due to the abomination that is Metroid: Other M, I am reconsidering that stance…

So much vidya, not enough time…

Oh man, I’ve bought so many video games and I want to play them all, but there’s just not enough time. There’s all this other stuff to do… but… I want to play my vidya!

Nintendo 3DS

When the Nintendo DS was released back in 2004 with its oddly shaped silver shell, it was quite the handheld revolution in many ways. Will the 3DS live up to the legacy?

E3 2010

E3 2010 has come and gone, as a result we’ve been buried in a tonne of awesome things to look forward to in the future. Be warned, this will be an epicly long post…

The ultimate power of art style and direction

It was quite awhile ago now, but when the first concept art for “Epic Mickey” was revealed, a lot of people got VERY excited. And how could they not?