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Animation Spotlight: Parasyte -the maxim-

This is a big surprise, an anime in this day and age worth watching that I discovered by accident. Check out Parasyte, because it’s definitely the kind of story that isn’t told this way any more.

Animation Spotlight: Dead Space: Aftermath

Is Dead Space: Aftermath one of those animations that’s so bad that it’s good, or is it one of those animations that’s so bad that you regret watching it but can’t stop watching it?

Animation Spotlight: Valkyria Chronicles

I really enjoyed Valkyria Chronicles, the game, on PlayStation 3, but how is Valkyria Chronicles, the anime, going to turn out? Something tells me I’m not going to find it as enjoyable.

Animation Spotlight: Dead Space: Downfall

To sum it all up, this is a terrible movie that no one other than die-hard fans of Dead Space should watch out of curiosity but are better off not watching in the first place…