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Game Spotlight: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Years after the triumph that is Xenoblade Chronicles, we’ve finally gotten its spiritual sequel in Xenoblade Chronicles X… and it is disappointing. I wish it wasn’t, but I can’t deny what it is.

Dressed to kill and having a Skell of a time…

It took me a few days to get it, but after a lot of hard work, I’ve finally earned my Skell license and got my first Skell. Feels good man, feels really good. Almost as good as boobs.

Crossing over to Wii U for Xenoblade Chronicles X

It’s the first console of this generation that I bought, but sadly, I hardly ever play my Wii U… that is until recently with the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Game Spotlight: Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade, also known as Xenoblade Chronicles in Europe and Australia, formerly known as Monado: Beginning of the World… whatever it’s called, it is SO COOL.